Linen Play ! - Rainbow Linen

For week 2 of #LinenPlay I playing with this GORGEOUS Rainbow Striped Linen from Joann Fabrics. I picked up this fabric a few weeks ago after folding to the peer pressure of Tabitha Sewer and Brittany Jones!  :)

Here are there versions of this fabric

The real story behind this fabric is that I originally purchased the black and white striped linen fabric, seen in my last Linen play post. While out shopping for the fabric I saw this beautiful Multi-Color Fabric Linen. I picked up this linen but put it back down because I'm just not a color person, but then I got home and saw how beautiful the fabric turned out with other garments and I decided I had the perfect make for it, wide leg paper sack pants! 


The Pattern that I decided to use for this make ........


  • Added 2 inches  to each leg cut on the "Straight Grain" 
  • Omitted the second set of stitching for the waist and just made one " tunnel" for elastic instead of two ... This gave the "Paper Sack" effect more drama   \
  • Omitted the Sash 

 The pattern was SUPER quick and easy to sew. I finished these pants in a little under 2 hours. 

Love the effect of the Straight Grain Cut at the Hem! 

 I definitely plan on making these pants again! They are super comfortable! 

I love how this look turned out ! 

Until Next Time !! XOXOXO 

Linen Play ! - Rainbow Linen


  1. What I call easy breezy lovely summer wear. You are taking full advantage of all your love linen fabrics!

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  3. Wow, your stripe matching is totally invisible. And these are so lovely and summery!



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