Flowing Flowers /Style Pantry

OK! so this dress was inspired by a style pantry dress that I saw, you can check her out HERE.

Here is the dress that inspired me : 

  I wanted to do this dress weeks ago but couldn't find a pattern that i could use. There was nothing out there that was even remotely similar to the dress. 

I decided to use the below pattern and alter it:

I wasn't sold on the print so i decided to put some fabric that I found on the remnant table( yes, most my fabric comes from the remnant table )  to good use . The only problem with this fabric was that the print ran straight down the middle so i had to figure out how to get the most out of my fabric.

 With the pattern I lengthen the arms and  added 8 inches from the end of pattern. I got this number from measuring where the pattern would fall on my arm to where I wanted my CUFF to start. After I got that measurement i marked it on the fabric and cut. I made a 4inch wide cuff to add to the bottom of my sleeves. I also measured loosely( but not to loose)  around my arm to get the width of the cuff. I added interfacing to JUST the cuff pieces to make sure that it sat firm around my arm. Lastly I added a button hole and button.

Once that was done I began work on the dress potion. I first measured from my waist ( between belly button and bottom of rib cage) down to the floor this was 44 inches i added a one inch hem allowance . I then measured from the waist mark on the pattern down 45"inches and added a 5 inch spread( so that the dress would fall loose at the bottom ).

I hope that wasn't to confusing :) ... if so please comment below ...

I love how the dress turned out and the fabric was a Silky print! It felt great and looked great. 

Till next time !1 XOXOXO

Flowing Flowers /Style Pantry

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