Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit + Tutorial

 Oh my, Oh My, Oh my!!

The summer has gone by so quick and its almost time for me to begin working ! 
Which means its also almost time to send my oldest off to college ...Sniff ...sniff..
OK well before I get way to emotional to even finish this post... let move on !!

I have been so busy over the last week filming tutorials for you guys !! 
First!  For those of you that asked  I have updated my Sneaker Dress Post with a link to the Tutorial  to make your own  !! I hope you enjoy !!

Moving on to this beauty !! 
I was inspired by seeing a few different pictures online .
 As you may know "off the shoulder" has been THE trend for this summer, but one thing I have seen very few of is a Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit !
 You guys no how much I love Jumpsuits so I decided to make my own !!

I decided to use used two Simplicity Patterns to complete this look: 

For the Bodice: 

 For the Bottom  : 

I think it turned out perfect ! 
I did have to make a few alterations to get theses two pieces to work together  : 

For the Bodice I graded the top to match the Circumference of the pants . 
For the pants I ended up omitting the pockets because I wanted a tighter fit and the pockets did not go well with that look! I will however add them back on my next piece !

OK so i feel like I have already done enough talking .... how about I show you guys how to make this beauty ? .... Yes that's right a TUTORIAL ....


I hope you enjoy and don't forget to Subscribe !!!

Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit  + Tutorial

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