White Sweater Dress

So I've said over and over again that I'm a tomboy at heart so give me jeans and a t shirt anyday and I am guuuuuud ( yes i meant to spell it that way )!! :) However as much as Id like to ...I cant wear that ALL the time . For the gaps I've vowed this year to make more practical clothing for me . 
What I mean is wearable clothing that transitions EASILY into my busy lifestyle .....

 Cute, Comfortable and Chic! 

Pattern used: Burda 6718
( Unsure if its still available.. I was unable to find it on the website)

YES ! I used the same pattern from my last post about Menswear

Process : 
- I took my measurements and picked the sizes closes to mine on the pattern piece 
( mine ended up being a 36) 

- I began my measuring from my waist down to where I wanted the dress ( without the band) to fall

- I took this measurement and added it to the length of the pattern piece  

- I cut out the pattern pieces and followed the instructions as normal 

Tips : Be sure to use a knit or four way stretch fabric !

Fabric used : White Sweater Fleece
Purchased from local Joanns 

The instructions where super easy to follow and the pattern, as you saw above, was a cinch to HACK!

Plus it gave me a reason to where my spiffy new kicks !

Until Next Time XOXOXO

White Sweater Dress



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