Happy New Year ~ Lace

Happy New Year !!!!!
I'm so excited for the New Year and what it has to bring... Are You ?
I have so many plans for this new year ! We are really going to have fun playing with patterns ,fabric and whatever else we find to create the latest styles in fashion and home decor !
But WAIT ! I'm getting ahead of myself .
This year my New Years resolution was/is to build my brand ! That begins with a Name Change ( you might have noticed that on your way in). I want to get more personal with you guys this year really show you the many gifts that God has blessed me me with !
So I would like to reintroduce myself as Shun D. short for Shundra Davis ! Moving away from a name "MrsCraftyChick" was a hard decision because I have had it for so long , but I feel like it was necessary in my growth and the growth of my brand .This year you get me raw and uncut ! I want to break down barriers in my personality that will help me grow as a person and hopefully as a seamstress !
This year I plan to introduce menswear into my rotation as well as home decor DIYS and a Tutorials ! I'm so excited and I hope that continue on tha ride with me .

First for the year I wanted to make something pretty ...
I mean that's the only real excuse for making her ...while at Hancock up I notices this beautiful "lace" . I use that term loosely because even tho that's what it said on the bolt it has thin appliqués sewn on sheer fabric ... SOOOO beautiful ! I had to have it and I knew I had to make something beautiful from it ....
Patterns used :
Butterick 5850

Burda 7313
I knew that I wanted a cute cocktail dress to wear out to dinner with friends ..the cape came along later as a arm cover ..being that we are SUPPOSE to be in the dead of winter . It's been unseasonably warm here !!

I started out by cutting away 5 inches off the dress portion which ended up being to short ...:) To compensate for the length lost I added a 4 inch waist band ..my bad
The fabric was a new challenge ..I had never worked with sheer fabrics before so it was my opportunity to practice French seams ! I had done them before with other garments but sheer fabrics was we . It wasn't to bad but definitely required more time and required me to venture away from the pattern a bit but it was so worth it !
I love the way the garment looked on the inside after I was done!

Like I said earlier the cape was s late addition after I decided I wanted something delicate to throw over my arms . I use some old fabric I had laying around that was suede on one side and wool on the other . I used the wool side and lined the cape per pattern instructions .

The dress was sheer so I made a quick tube dress to go under it in a creme knit .

I used the given pattern piece for the tie but I wanted it longer . I connected the two pieces that they told you cut out but I sewed them together at the ends . After that was completed I folded the one long piece on itself ( right sides together) and sewed leaving a opening to turn it inside out .. I ironed the piece and slip stitched the opening to close up the band .

LOVE !!!

This beautiful clasp. Picked up at handcock a while ago and thought it was perfect for this cape !!

Until next time XOXO !!

Happy New Year ~ Lace


  1. Absolutely stunning! I like the rebranding too.

  2. Love this dress on you and the fabric looks so delicate and dainty. I always encourage change and the new name is very personal and right for your blog. Happy 2016 to you & yours.

    1. thank you and thank you so much for the encouragement !!

  3. You DID that! I love the "lace" you picked out. The creamy color is perfection. The dress is so right for your cute little body. I think making the dress shorter was good idea. You have the gams. LOL You are the 2nd person that used french seams on a new year make. I need to learn how to do french seams. Did you have to add fabric to compensate for the folds?

    1. Hey Victoria ! No I didn't when I finished I used a full 5/8 inch seam.. There are some great tutorials on it .. I'm think f doing one !

  4. That dress looks amazing on you! You did a great job. I plan to make a few lace dresses for the summer. Looking outside this morning at several feet of snow definitely makes me wish I lived in the south :)



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