BYW: The Dress Pant Vogue 9032

Week Six , lead by the SUPER talented ThatBlackChic !! Michelle superb sense of color and pattern matching made her a PERFECT addition to the Build Your Wardrobe Series.

This weeks focus was The Dress Pant ! Michelle showed us several different versions throughout the week and gave us some inspiration and RTW options!

Check it out here !!


I personally LOVE this piece of the wardrobe ! I'm a tomboy at heart so a good pair of well fitted comfortable dress pants is a must for me !! The funny thing is that I've been sewing for 3 years and I can count the number of pants I've seen on one hand !! Well I've vowed to change that .

Starting off with Vogue 9032

I Absolutely love these pants !!! The pattern was a breeze to follow and the fit came out perfect ! I cut a size 12 and the only alterations I did was to add two inches to the leg!!
The fit was dead on !! I love the color also .

I used a floral twill for the fabric ! It felt great on the skin !

Oh ! I added a blind hem to the bottom which I show you how to do in the tutorial ...

Speaking of tutorial , here you are ..I hope you enjoy !

The tutorial also comes with a blind hem tutorial


Until Next Time XOXOXO






BYW: The Dress Pant Vogue 9032


  1. I finally finished my trousers from the byw series. Posted pics in ThredandNeedles group. Still nervous about blazer even though i have several patterns and taking sewing class to do the buttonup. Are you doing another this year?

  2. Would you mind me sharing this on Sassy Sewing Bees in the future? I link to your post and let you know when shared. SSB - https://www.facebook.com/SassySewingBees



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