Classy Girl !

Classy Girl Skirt
She is seen but never heard. Her style speaks All for it self.....

This beautiful circle midi skirt is made from a luxurious stretch taffeta, this fabric has a moderate stretch and a beautiful sheen that will catch the eye of anyone when you walk into a room.

 The skirt has a 4 inch waistband and a 27 inch drop(including waistband) . 
She also comes with pockets because every girl loves a skirt with POCKETS!

 Available on "MCC Schatzi"  in a  variety of beautiful colors Now !!!

Classy Girl !


  1. Stunning! Would you mind me sharing any of your projects on SSB in the future? I credit, link to your post and let you know when featured.

    1. At Sassy T.. of course .. i would be honored :) thanks for asking !

  2. Thanks I will let you know as and when.

  3. nice outfit looking real pretty,nice, and nice blog Mrs.Davis



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