Pajammie Jams ! / M6251

      Happy Sunday !! 
   So I've had my "Pajammie Jams" made for a little while but I am just now getting around to showing you guys!!

Problem :
 I am COLD ALL the time ... 
My husband LOVES to keep the AC running and now since it is getting cooler outside he wants to let the "fresh air" in which means all doors and windows OPEN .. 
So as a result I stay cold ALL THE TIME!!!
I seriously COULD NOT DEAL ! 

Solution : 
Pattern : M6251

So I decided to use this pattern because I knew i need ALL OVER COVERAGE :)
Thank you MCCALL !! :)
I didn't want them to be super baggie so I cut the pattern pieces one size smaller.

On the Instructions they show you how to make your own arm and ankle bands but I took another approach . I purchased a pair f knit cuffs and Rit Dye from joanns and dyed my own . 

They where SUPER EASY to dye and it took about 20 minutes ... 
They came out the PERFECT COLOR 

The Pajammies themselves where very easy to put together. It took me about an hour from start to finish and I absolutely love the way they turned out ,,, 

Now while everyone is "comfortable" I can be to !!!!

I WILL be making more of these with the fall months coming up because BELIEVE me when I tell you they get the job done !!!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday !!! 
Until Next time XOXOXOXO
Pajammie Jams ! / M6251



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