Blue Floral - M6991 / S1373

Hi hunnies!! I hope you all are having a great week , if not we are almost there so..
Hopefully this colorful outfit will brighten your day :) .

So! Ive seen a TON of pictures circulating on line of this crisscross shirt with a longer back ..
 I really loved the look so I decided to try it myself!

The pattern that I chose for the top was M6991

I chose it for obvious reasons, It has exactly the look that I wanted!! 
All I had to do was add length to the "tail and take away the pocket... NOW if you choose to make this shirt you can add the pocket but I chose not to. 

The shirt was SUPER easy to make ..everything came together to easy! 
  This shirt cost about 9.99 to make .. 
The fabric I used was a stretch knit that I found on the remnants table at Joann's It took about two yards of fabric with the extension on the back

I will be making more of these in the future.... Maybe in a size smaller :)

The pants where made from pattern S1373


These pants have to be the easiest pants I have ever made .. they took maybe 20 minutes and that was mainly because of a few adjustments I made.  I added 4 inches to the pants leg and took away some of the width in the leg to make it more of a skinny pant. 

Next time I plan on adding a zipper so that I can get a snugger fit around the waist without stretching the fabric while getting in and out of the pants.
 I also plan on taking a few inches out of the crotch area to get a sleeker look . 

Overall I like how the pants turned out . This was my first time working with a stretch denim and I loved it ... the pants feel great!!

Until Next time loves !!! 

Blue Floral - M6991 / S1373


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit and it looks so good on you. Love that color combination--so pretty--I peeped the matching pedicure too!

  2. Love this! I was just admiring a girls top like this yesterday at church and now I know what pattern to use to make it. Thanks.

    1. No Problem! Thanks so much for your feedback



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