Pink Chevron ....Kinda :)

Pink Chevron...Kinda :P

Ok so Ill be the first to admit that sometimes I get so excited and blinded by my THOUGHT of what the finish garment is going to look like that I make MISTAKES.... :) I forget DETAILS  :) 

Now in this particular case I dare to say this was more of a BEAUTIFUL mistake but non the less it was a MISTAKE .. ..One thing I have to remember to pay attention to with PRINTS.. is just that .. they are prints and therefore must be treated as such when cutting ... 

I bought this fabric while on vacation in Mobile Alabama ... I had ran across it a few times at the local Joann's but, and this may sound funny but, the fabric has to speak to me :) ..... and it didnt ..  .. until I got in Mobile ... :)  My daughter decided on the pattern and while walking around looking for a print this beauty brushed across my skin .. I really LOVED how the color looked against my skin so I GOT IT ... not even noticing at the time that I had turned away from this fabric countless times before ... 

So I get home and cant wait to began cutting ... 
Here is where the MISTAKE came in ... 
At the time  I was more concerned that all the pieces would fit on the fabric I had purchased ... 
OH! also I was thrilled about the video I was filming for you guys to make your own :) 

In all the haste ( created solely by myself)  I forgot the carnal rule of prints ... ALWAYS pay attention to which way you cut so that your print lays the way you want it to when sewn together ... 

SMH .... 

I did not .. so my Chevron Romper .. turned into a ZIG ZAG  Romper :) 

NOW .. with all that being said .. I still LOVE IT .. I love the color .. I love the fit 
And it is Super Duper comfortable !!

I plan to make another in a solid color ... I will lengthen the pants on the next one .. :) 

The pattern was fairly easy to put together .. the only problem I encounter was that the casing was quite large enough for the elastic around the waist to I had to adjust it a bit.


I hope you hunnies like and I will post the video here soon on how to make your own .. 

OOOoo I almost forgot the pattern that I used was :

Simplicity 2222

I used a mixture of B and C .. I did not add all the studs . 

Until Next time XOXOXOXO
Pink Chevron ....Kinda :)


  1. I think it's lovely. I would have never guessed that you wanted the print to be horizontal. I made a maxi dress for a friend once and the prints didn't line up. I apologized to her about it. She said she hadn't noticed and was happy that someone made her a dress. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves because we see what others don't see.

  2. It still looks really beautiful and great on you. I love the way you did your hair.



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