Pink Summer Jumper ! + Sew Along

                                                 PINK FOREVER !!! :)

  Well maybe not forever but I definitly think ill be sewing EVERYTHING pink for a while :)
This color is so radiant and to think I use to DESPISE pink . ... If you have read my previous post you  know that until I started sewing my own clothes , my wardrobe consisted of nothing but neutral tones ... BUT since I have began sewing Ive dabbled a bit more in color.

 I am so glad I chose this pink!!!!

Actually  I dare to say that SHE chose me ..

 I was walking to the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics ( like I do OFTEN :) ) and BAMMM there she was ... on the buggy heading back to the remnants rack .. She hadn't even made it back to  remnants yet before I saw her, and GRABBED HER !!

 I'm SO Glad I did !!
I wasn't  sure what I wanted to use her for at that point but I knew I had to have her !

My inspiration came when I saw this pic : 

Of course you know I wasn't going to  buy it :) but i sat out trying to find a way to make it myself .

I decided to use these two patterns !!

Now, in theory you would think they would work seamlessly together.. and as you can see they did ... but not without some hair pulling, nail biting, ... and maybe a small amount of cursing  :) ...

Needless to say it turned out all right

Im in the process of editing the video but when I do you guys will get to sew this with me ...

Nahh , I made it pretty simple so I believe that you guys can follow it to make your own summer jumper ! 

Until Next Time XOXOXOXOXO

Pink Summer Jumper !  + Sew Along


  1. Shundra, it turned out to be so lovely. After the work of combining the patterns, maybe you'll make another.

  2. You definitely are pretty in pink!! Nice jumper!

  3. Really cute! It's time to start working on my fall wardrobe. I think I'll add this to the list.




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