Goddess Dress !

                                        Goddess Dress!!!!

             I found the inspiration for this dress on one of the many fashion website I visited daily :)

I cant remember the website where I originally saw this dress but I was ecstatic when I ran across it again on a sewing blog... It was MEANT for me to sew this dress .... and I did ...

Originally I wanted to sew the dress in some beautiful white poly that I had been saving but one day while in Hancock I came across this on the remnants ...

 YES the majority of my pieces DO come from fabric found on the remnant counter :)  

I am honestly not sure what type of knit this is but it feels almost like a baby blanket .....
Like seriously .... and the drape was just as beautiful 

The dress was a breeze to make ... 
 When I finished making the lines on the fabric it looked like a Triangle with a flat top ...
If you guys would like a DIY on it let me know below!! 

What I love the most about this dress is the back and that it can be worn two different ways !!!
It was so incredibly easy to make I KNOW that I will be making more in different colors !!!

So are you ready to make your own :


I hope you guys like !!!


Goddess Dress !


  1. This is beautiful! I didn't like the dress at all when I saw the inspirational picture, but your rendition made me love it!

  2. I totally want a DIY, please and ty!



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