B5886 + B5893 Mashup !!



I am so happy with how this jumper turned out !!!!! I have to admit ..when I set out to make this I was very apprehensive about how it would turn out .

If your familiar with patterns you know that there aren't many out there in the way of jumpers to choose from .... So I had to improvise ...

I knew that I wanted a halter top dress ... But I didn't want my back out ( I try to make most of my clothes "work friendly" ) . I knew I wouldn't find a jumper pattern to match what I wanted so I decided to do a PATTERN MASHUP !!!

I went with these two patterns!!

The dress pattern had the top I wanted and the pants pattern had the wide leg look that I was going for .


The pants portion was fairly easy , I finished the pants all the way till it was time to add the band and then I began making the halter top portion of the dress. I ended up having to change the zipper because in the pattern it added it on the side , because of the pockets this option wouldn't work . I decided to moved the zipper to the back .



The pattern only called to cut one waist band but I knew this wouldn't work so I cut two . I ended up having to cut the waistband down to fit the bodice portion and attached it . Once I connected the band to the bodice I began work on the pants .



The pants where slightly larger than the waist band so I added two darts on each side ( front and back ) . I attached the pants to the waist band, added a hem to the pants leg and that was it !!!

I will definitely be doing more if these !!

I think next time ill make it a size smaller with a tapered skinny leg !!



B5886 + B5893 Mashup !!


  1. Wonderful pattern morphing, I never would have thought of that combination.

  2. You did a beautiful job and you look amazing .....

  3. Seriously impressed with the fabric pattern matching, never alone the pattern mashing- love it:)

  4. I nominated you for the Sunshine and Shine On award. See my blog for more info.

  5. I agree, this has turned out great :)x

  6. Cute! It gives me flashbacks of the huge flowers with orange and yellow one my mom made for my friend and me back in the 70's.



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