Fierce Flowers ! !

OOOO ! I so love how this turned out ! 
I have been wanting to make a Peplum top for the longest and when I saw this print I KNEW it was time :)

Here are Patterns I used : ....

 Skirt Pattern ( Kinda :) ) 

On the shirt pattern I added length to my arms to make sure that it was long enough. The pattern was very easy to work with . It allowed you to pick your Cup Size and all !!

With the skirt i detoured from the pattern a bit . I noticed when I began to cut out the pattern that the fabric was see thru so i decided to double the fabric. I used both pattern pieces but when i started to sew i sewed the two back pieces together , left a small hole so that i could turn it right side out, and then I did the same with the two front pieces. It created a nice hem for me at the bottom of the skirt. Once i had done both pieces i sewed them together and WALA!!:) The pattern also called for a zipper but i decided since the fabric was a knit ( and stretchy.. that i could get away with not having one)

I love the contrasting colors of the top ! It looked great in the Sun!

I would love your feedback !!!


Fierce Flowers ! !


  1. I think you did a great job! This is a really cure outfit!

  2. Does that dress come with Confidence and Attitude? Sexy !

  3. This is a stunning outfit...love it!

  4. Hey....love your outfit!!

    I am in the process of making this top but i am having trouble with direction #16 which attaches the front facing to the front of the shirt. I don't know how to sew the seam together so that I make that point in the front of the shirt



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