Wonder Woman !!!

So ! My daughter decided she wanted to be Wonder Woman this year ..........aaand she wanted me to make her costume :-/ .... So like always I procrastinated till I only had one week to complete it ...non the less we got it done !

Here's the look she was going for ....

One good thing about waiting till the last minute is that most all halloween fabric is on sale . I was able to find the shiny fabric for the pants and satin material for bodice at handcock fabric. Every thing came out to around 29.00

Th pattern I purchase .......

I used the "C" pattern ...it was a really easy pattern and the costume turned out great ...

I purchased trim from the local Joann's store to make the gold trim at the base of the bodice . I added a zipper to the back and made the star from a piece of felt . Here is how it all turned out ....

Oh! I almost forgot .... The boots where made from a pair of old boots that she already had . I purchased fabric from Joann's that looked like fake leather ( more of a vinyl look ) I hot glued the fabric around her old boots and painted the white stripe on . They turned out pretty good and she was so excited !!!

Her headband was made from the visor of a old sunvisor and she added the cape from a old costume . She was sooo happy !!


Wonder Woman !!!

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