T-Shirt Maxi Dress Revamped !!!

So I decided to take the T-Shirt Maxi dress made in previous post , and make it flirty ;-) ... I love how it turned out !!!

Dress was made from left over knit fabric that I found on the remnant tables in Handcock fabric . The fabric was $3.53 a yard and this took about a yard and a half ... YOU DO THE MATH !!! ... I'll wait :) .........

I used the pattern I made for my tshirt dress but at the widest point in the hip instead of flaring out , I measured from MY hip down midways between hip and knee. Once I got that measurement I marked it on my new pattern ( keep in mind I had already traced the top half , down to widest point of hip from my tshirt maxi pattern ) . After I got that measurement I measured around my "mid hip" divided that in half then divided that measurement in half ( stay with me :) ) ( the reason for this is because I wanted a half pattern that I could cut on the fold ) . I marked this measurement on the mid hip measurement ( previously taken ) . Next I measured from mid hip down to knee , took that measurement and marked it on pattern . After that my last measurement was around knee .. I took that measurement around knees ( because after hem I wanted it to fall right above knee ) and divided it in half twice , like before . Here is what the pattern looked like once I finished front and back and drew my connecting lines :

I used same sleeves and neck binding from T-shirt maxi . Next I cut pattern out and proceeded to cut fabric .

One thing different I tried this time was using my sewing machine as a serger :) I've been wanting one but learned recently that you can create same clean look with the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine...

It turned out Great !!!!

I think the dress turned out pretty darn good for my first attempt at a " hip curve ".
Paired with wedges from Payless Shoes and simple DIY belt I made ...
Hope you love !!! XOXO

T-Shirt Maxi Dress Revamped !!!

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  1. Nice job. I have tons of remnants and just never sure what to do with them.



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