Floral Shirt Dress - Mccall 7380

Happy Monday guys !! Its time to rise and grind !!!
 I'm still enjoying my summer break for a few more weeks and we are now in full on R&R time  !! 
If you have been following me on instagram you know that my son has been in Germany for the past 3 weeks visiting family and really enjoying the beautiful country ! 
So, once I got over him leaving :) I was able to get my sewing MOJO back !

With this dress I just decided to have fun with it ! I thought of the design AFTER I bought the fabric . Usually it works the other way around ,but this time I LOVED the fabric when I saw it so I bought it!

 Pattern used : 

 I picked this pattern because I liked how the bodice of the dress was made . I knew that I would be making a few adjustments to it because I wanted a longer shirt dress. 

Here are some of the alerations that I decided to make on the dress:

 I used that skirt pieces given and extended them the length that I wanted . I decided to changed the hem of the skirt so give it a flare ..

To vent the sleeves I folded the pattern in half and added 5/8 to each side

 I then cut the two sided separately
I had a total of four pieces when i finished ... Two for each arm 

 I joined them together at each in and sewed down  1 inch 
I then pressed open the top and bottom and did a rolled him on the vents !

Here is how they looked before I connected them

I love how the dress turned out and just to add MY spin on it I decided to pair it with my Originals ! 

Cool , Summery and Chic!!! 

Until Next Time !!

Floral Shirt Dress - Mccall 7380



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