Gingham and Seersucker

Alright guys ! This challenge was about good ole GINGHAM !
I have to admit when I first read the challenge I wasn't that thrilled ...I mean most people refer to gingham as "oh you mean that tablecloth looking material ?" So over coming that was a feet in itself ! It took me a while to decide on what I wanted make .. I decided the only way I was going to get any kind of Idea was to take it to the fabric store ...needless to say my Joanns and Hancock had nothing ! I live Birmingham so there where no other options but online !! When I got online I saw diffrent types of gingham but still NOTHING came to me ...then I saw this :
Rihanna wore this pink gingham power suit from the Altuzarra’s Spring 2015 collection to MAC Cosmetics premiere !! I WAS IN LOVE !! And it was seersucker !!! I had my inspiration ! I decide to do a seersucker pants suit (because quite frankly I'm all dressed out ) .
During the process of making this outfit I took a trip down memory lane ...
,. I remember growing up, my mom would frantically run around town trying to find my brother a seersucker suit for Easter . She would luck up so etimes and find one ( which would then cost her a arm and a leg ) and other times she wouldn't be so lucky and would have to settle for a traditional "Easter Suit". I remember eventually they began making seersucker suits for men , it was over then because both my brother AND dad would Both have one !!!

One thing I never saw however, was a Women's Seersucker suit !!! so when I saw Rihanna's version it was on !!

Here is the pattern used :

I went with View A and D and made the following alterations :
Added 4" to the arms and legs ( to accommodate my long legs and arms)
Extended the Jacket length 2"
Added High-Low Peplum

Lined the bodice

And here is the finish product !!

Clutch : DIY

I purchased the Grey Cotton used in the collar and Peplum lining from Hancock for $1.00 a yard.The Pink Gingham fabric can be found here

Voting begins this Saturday over at Pretty Girls Sew
I will have a link posted here to taking you to voting !!!



Until Next time !!!!

Gingham and Seersucker

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