Victorian Garden Skirt


"Gardening is how I relax.

It's another form of creating and playing with colors."

~ Oscar de la Renta

Meet Victorian Garden....

Midi Skirts are the epitome of Southern Style .. that would explain why I have fallen completely in love with them . Being born and raised in Alabama pretty much makes you a poster child in the"Southern Belle" category :)

These skirts effortlessly capture the femininity of a woman which is why I am so in love!!

The wonderful thing about the midi skirt is it can be created in so many diffrent styles...

I decided with this design to add pleats and of course a set of satin lined pockets ....

I don't have to tell you how handy pockets are in a skirt!!! So I added them !




This skirt screams CHIC... it shows off just enough leg to keep it classy but leave them wondering :)





I decided to use this beautiful double sided brocade that Icame across at my local Joanns... I knew the minute that I saw it what I was going to do with it !! I mean it literally jumped out at me in the store ...


The fabric is beautiful !

It has just enough fullness to stand out on its own with no petticoat or horse braid!!!



I paired the skirt with a beautiful gold top that I found at my local thrift store for $1.99



Oh yeah! the shoes are also thrifted ( $4.99)



I decided to add this one to my store!!

If your interested in having one for your very on Visit MCC Schatzi !!

This skirt also comes in a light version that is just as BEAUTIFUL!!


Until Next Time XOXO


Don't forget to visit MCC Schatzi for other Handmade Creations ;)





Victorian Garden Skirt

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