Summer Time ...Drifting

I have to admit , I'm not ready for the summer to end ..

Can we get at least three more months ?! ..

Well.... it was worth a try ...:)

With this outfit I wanted something cool and breezy ..

I have had this fabric for sometime now but couldn't find the right thing to use it for . I knew a dress might be a bit much .. So I decided on pants .

I need more of those in my wardrobe anyway ..

Patterns :

McCall 6751



McCall 6965


I love how flowy and breezy each piece turned out !!

I really like the pants and plan to make more ..

I think black or red would look really good in these pants .


I love the fit of these pants and I think hey will work well in a diffrent color for the fall months coming .. What do you think ?

Prints are my thing ..they are safe and they hide all your imperfections :-) but I'm going to try with the coming fall months to incorporate more solid colors in my designs ..


We will see what happens :)

Until next time ...

Remember , live life to the ABSOLUTE fullest......

You only have one anyway :-)



Summer Time ...Drifting



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