Fluffy Poly Skirt !

OK OK OK OK .. I am still hyperventilating from just how perfect this skirt turned out :)

And O! She wore it sooo well!!

Ok so my daughter came to me a few weeks ago wanting a circle skirt... I told her " Ok lets make it" 
We both headed out to the fabric store ( I let her drive  *nervous*) and we made it alive :) 

We where par-using down the isle and I was explaining to her that she need a fabric with volume so that the skirt wouldn't just lay flat. As I was about to explain to her that we could use horse hair to help with the volume I saw this beautiful textured Fluffy Polyester fabric!!!!

We both screamed at EXACTLY the same time and then looked around to see if we had drawn any unwanted attention :) 
To our luck no one heard us so we continued celebrating our beautiful find!!

We had our fabric cut and hurried home . I used a simple circle skirt pattern that I drafted. I wont bore you with the details because there are TONS on line. I allowed her to draft the pattern and cut the skirt out . 

Next we made a 4 inch waist band because she wanted it to be a high waist skirt 

 The skirt took us ever bit of 30 minutes... and that's it
I didnt hem it and we didnt have to add horse hair to get it to fall perfectly ... it did all by itself !! 

The detailing on the skirt is beautiful to .. 
I am loving patterns with texture at the moment , while I was at the fabric store I saw another beautiful print that I WILL be making for the fall :) 

She looks BEAUTIFUL in it !!!!  

Until Next time XOXOXOXO 

Fluffy Poly Skirt !


  1. Yes, she does look beautful! The skirt is gorgeous, I love the color!

  2. This skirt is awesome!!! I have a question, what is horse hair?? :)



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