Stars Stripes and All White

                                                      HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !!!

All White ERRRTHANG :) 

 Ok let me quit being corney :)  

I hope you guys are having a lovely Fourth of July Weekend , Im headed to the beach this weekend with my mom and daughter so before I go I wanted to share my latest creation with my hunnies :)

I'm  so excited with how this turned out .. I set out wanting to do a flirty but comfortable outfit for the fourth.. Now white might not have been the best choice but since I don't eat barbeque ... I should be safe :) .... right ?!  :)

Ok ! Well I will do my best to stear clear of all the barbeque ... :) 

I used a old fitted tshirt that I had to make the crop top . I cut it where I wanted it to fall and added bust darts and a band around the base of it . 

For the pants I used this Vogue pattern : 

The only problem I had in sewing the pants is that the hole at the bottom of the pants was to small for my calves , so I cut about a inch off so that my legs would fit .. Other than that , putting it together was  a breeze.

I really love these pants .. they are SUPER comfortable so I'm sure I will be make more in the near future.

 This time I used a spring suit fabric but I think next time I will use a four way stretch material so that I can go down a size and still get a nice sleek fit .

I love how this outfit turned out !!! I hope you all like ! 

Have a Wonderful Fourth and be sure to eat LOTSSSS of Barbeque and baked beans for me :) 

Till Next Time XOXOXO
Stars Stripes and All White

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