Make Your Own Pin Cushion

Personally I've made the decision NOT to sew on Sundays ..
However ..who says I can't sneak in a quick craft ... ( Hey! I'm not sewing !)

So let's go !!

Step 1 : Use your top INSERT to trace out a circle on your fabric ..leave about 1-2 inches all the way around , next use the top ( without insert) yo trace out a circle on cardstock .. Be sure to trace the INSIDE of the top .

This is what your pieces should look like !!

Step 2 : Stack in this order ...Top ( without insert ) , fabric cut out m and a handful of poly fil

Step 3 : Push poly fil in through hole of top

Step 4 : Add top insert and push down until you feel it snap In place ...

Step 5 : Cut access fabric and glue down
( pulling fabric slightly as you clue down )

Step 6 : Pop out cushion from top then Glue down cardstock cutout to cushion bottom

Step 7 : Glue the inside of top and then push cushion through until it snaps !!

Your all done !!!
Start using your pin cushion !!!

Make Your Own Pin Cushion

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