Mens Week : Making a suit day 1

MENS WEEK !!!!!!!

OK I am sooo excited to began this project. I set out with the idea of making a suit for my husband BUT if you know him you know that he is NOT the dress up type ... which is a bummer because he looks soooo good in a suit :)  Anyway I knew that trying to sell the idea as a formal suit was not going to fly with him so i came up with a different approach .  

Our Conversation :

Me: Babe I want to make something for you 

Him : ............... what?  ( playing video game)

Me:   a suit

Him: Nah baby , just go ahead and make yourself something ( still playing video game)

Me: NO babe I want to make you a casual suit , nothing fancy .. valentines day is coming up and I want to highlight you since its normally all about the woman .  LOOK I already got the pattern for it :)

  Him : ( slowly turns his head away from video game  to look at me .... while hand pauses video game)  Hmmmmm...... ok 

Me : ( grinning from ear to ear) OK ill let you pick the fabric and all !!!

Him : ( Back into video game) OK ...... Cool 

Off to the fabric store I RAN ( with him)   :) .........

Here is the pattern I chose : 

To my surprise he chose a deep black color suiting .....

So i ended up getting my way kinda ...:)  The black is going to give it a more dressy look BUT ... we are still making him think its casual ..

 He did however pick the single button coat instead of the double breasted coat ( like i had hoped ) .....

Day 1 

My daughter and I began by cutting all the pieces to me this is the most tedious part... and OH MY WORD was this EXTRA difficult ... There are a total of 61 pieces!!!! 

 This is only a FRACTION of the pieces for JUST the Jacket!

But , as if that's not difficult enough I described it to my husband as the pieces have pieces ... 

There are jacket pieces , jacket lining pieces, and jacking interfacing pieces !!!
( that's just the JACKET )

Here is what my 1st page ( there are 8) looked light after we finished cutting and sorting 

Notice the tear from the fight I got into with the instructions .. I won :)

What made it a bit more difficult is that based off  his measurements he needs a 44" coat ( that I am going to take in DRASTICALLY around the waist because its an 38" inches) but a 40" Pants. 

This should be fun !! :-/  Stay tuned ....


Mens Week : Making a suit day 1

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