Elegant Red !

I originally bought this fabric because I wanted to make a dress to match my husbands suit ( I will get to that later ) .. however he decided that he was going to go with a royal blue rather than a traditional red :) 

So,  I decided on this dress for myself . 

I decided to  NOT use a pattern for this dress. My original idea was to have the top fitted and the bottom portion gathered, however once I began making it that idea changed QUICKLY !!

I changed my pattern design because I didn't like how the dress fell with the gathers AND I discovered that in order to even get into the dress I would have to add elastic around the waist..... I can not tell you how many dresses I have made with elastic around the waist.... so I opted for something different

I used a long sleeve fitted t shirt ( Walmart )  to make the pattern for the top. The fabric I used was a Ponte fabric. It had  one way stretch so , because of this I had to add darts in the front and back to get that snug fit .

I cut the tshirt to the length where I wanted the top piece to stop and the skirt portion to began . Once I had the tshirt cut the way I wanted I " took it apart" ( by cutting it at the seams) to get all my pieces for the crop top portion of the dress.

I measured from where the crop top ended down to the floor . I also took a measurement around the area where the crop top ended to know how big to make the skirt opening . I drew that measurement out on the fabric ( horizontally) then used the waist ( area where the crop to ended)  to floor measurement to know how long to cut it ( I always add one inch for seam allowances).  I then drew a line from the end of my waist measurement down to the floor measurement. To get the circle affect I drew the line slanted from the waist all the way DOWN and OUT to the floor measurement.

Lastly I added a belt ( rayon) to the dress and stitched it down with a flower stitch ....

I really love how the dress turned out . Its really elegant and the fabric has a BEAUTIFUL drape. 

Ok! I am sure you are wondering whats going on with the suit ! I actually finished the suit ( after many pain staking hours BUT it didn't fit the way I like . So it is still a work in progress. I plan to finish it this week because I have a royal blue dress that I'm making that will go Lovely with his suit ........

I hope you like!!!!


Elegant Red !


  1. It turned out better than any pattern I've ever sewn for myself. (fitting-wise) How talented you are!

  2. Lady in Red. Gorgeous. Sassy Sewing Bees https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees ❀

  3. This is lovely- the fit is spot on!



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