High Low Peplum Top / Cheveron tights !!

I am soooo proud of myself :) . This outfit was done with no pattern !!!
This was definatly a learning curve for me . 
I watched Meesha Boo High Low Peplum tutorial before I got started and it turned out great ! 

In her video she does hers without sleeves so I had to add my own 1/4 sleeves.
I also added gathers in the sleeve to give it a different look . 
I added darts to give it a more fitted look because this fabric had very little give :)

The High Lo Peplum  was made with a double knit fabric and the tights where made from a pair of old tights that I had. I purchased all of the fabric from Joann Fabrics. The Double Knit was on sale for about five dollars a yard and it took me about 2 yards. I made the top part of the Peplum from a old  fitted shirt that I had. 

I hope you gals like! If you would like to see a tutorial on any of these pieces drop it below !!!
Till next time XOXO 

High Low Peplum Top / Cheveron tights !!


  1. You did a nice job! And those Chevron leggings are fierce!!! I am loving them! I never thought of using Chevron for leggings...

  2. I would love to see a double peplum tutorial!



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