Polka Dots!!!

This was my first pair of fitted pants annnnnd.... IT WAS TOUGH!!
 As if sewing pants for the first time wasn't a bright enough idea I decided they just HAD to be leather :) ... Well overall Im pleased with how they turned out ... I got the faux leather on sale reg $8.00 yard  with 40% off . The pants took about 2 1/2 yards for me. I used a size 12 ( size 4/6 ready to wear clothes)  pattern .

 I used a Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern ... 

I really liked this patten because it helped you figure out ( from the measurements you take ) whether you were Slim, Average, or Curvy. I was "Average".   Blah!!! who wants to be average ?!  :) Anywhoo this worked out great because it allowed me to sew a shell of the pants and then work from that. I must have gone back and forth to the mirror 12 times sizing and marking . It was very tedious but I was able to get a great fit ! 

I think the hardest part for me was sewing the buckles on . They didn't turn out perfect but I was able to get a belt through all loops :) So that should count for something right ? :)

Oh! I made the shirt also . AGAIN I had to choose the hardest material ever to work with! I used a sheer polka dot fabric that i found off the "remnant " table at Hancock Fabric.

I used a Butterick shirt pattern that I had for a while...
The only difficult part about the shirt was the material . It was so lightweight that I had to make sure that the machine wouldst bunch it .I made a few changes to the pattern ; I took away the pockets in the front and lengthen my arms about  2 inches to make sure that it didn't fall to short on my arms .

Overall I think that it turned out pretty good!! 
 I hope you like!!!!
Polka Dots!!!



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