Eyelet Dress!!!

 Alright, I saw this pattern a while ago and LOVED how cute and chick the lady looked on the front ..

Click here for pattern

only problem was I had no idea what the fabric was called that her dress was made from .I did some searching and after a while ,WITH THE HELP OF FABRIC SUGGESTIONS on back of pattern, i discovered that it was called EYLET fabric, yes the same fabric they use to make curtains .... :)

Next step was finding a print that would look good on a dress .. so i headed to ONE of my most favorite stores ......   
and they where having a BLOW OUT SALE !!!  I was able to get what i needed for about 15.00!!!

Anyway , to say that the dress was hard is a understatement.... the dress was A NIGHTMARE ....:)

The sad part is that I caused every headache i encountered from this dress ... Let me explain ...

See my problem is that i think i know everything ... rather than follow the pattern as instructed i kept thinking i knew what step was next so I ended up having to go back and redo a lot ...


One thing I suggest you ALWAYS do is check the measurements on the back of pattern because I figured that since I wear a size 6 normally then a size 8 ( which is the  smallest size the pattern came in ) would do me just fine ... BOY was i wrong... the waist ended up being to small so i had to recut the waist band for a size 10!!!   FOLKS ! I wear a size 6 ...and Im not saying that to brag... Im saying it to reiterate just how important it is to check the measurements before you start cutting pieces...

Anyway i got past that hurdle and the dress ended up turning out pretty decent ...

                                      The print gave it a really elegant look i think ...

 I added snaps and then buttons over them so you cant even tell !!

I paired it with some cute high heels i purchased from payless shoe store for $21.99 

 and a pair of my wood beads that i made

                             I got sooo many compliments so i guess it turned out pretty decent ....

Till next time .... XOXO 

Eyelet Dress!!!

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  1. I have never seen this pattern before, but I love it! I also love how beautiful and classy this dress turned out. You did a great job! I'll have to look into this pattern for the summer.



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