Happy Tuesday Day All !! I just wanted to share my " Outfit of the day" . I've been wearing a lot of pink lately ( as you can tell from my other post ) I'm not sure why . The funny thing is , pink is actually my LEAST favorite color , however I've been trying to step outside of my normal color palette of browns and creams and try something different :) . Anywhooo. FIRST question ...No I didn't make this . From time to time I will do daily outfits . I enjoy fashion and style so I guess that's why this hobby of mine is perfect for me . The great thing about sewing your own clothes is that you can make pieces that custom fit your body . This is invaluable to me because I've always had trouble finding things to fit my long legs 😳. Until recently I considered long legs a curse because it only enables me to shop at certain stores ... And lets just say clothes for tall people aren't always fashionable ...

I digress again :)... today I wanted to go for a " regal look " I decided on a shirt I purchased a few years back from a store called " Know Style " ? I loved this store because all there pieces where unique ( I actually have a white one like this also ) but they closed :( .

My maxi skirt is from Express , i purchased it last summer . I didn't see it on their website so they may not be offering it this summer . But here is one similar to it : http://www.lyst.com/clothing/hard-tail-roll-waist-maxi-skirt-white/


Next I wanted to show what my "JJ" wore to her Delta Gems meeting this past weekend. I honestly can say that she has a much better sense of style than me . However our style is completly different .....

Her dress is from Rue21 and shoes from Payless Shoe Store . Her accessories where purchased from Rue21 also . The purse was given by a friend .

JJ is really good about putting contrasting colors together . That is something that I'm working on ... She is defiantly bolder than am .

I LOVE IT !💗💗💗

She looked so professional and got several compliments that day !

Till next time loves!!! 💋






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